What Is VeRo? A Comprehensive Guide 

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Instances of intellectual property theft can hinder the creative process and original entrepreneurship in a big way.
To make eBay a safe place for the interaction of buyers and sellers, the dropshipping platform has introduced the concept of VeRo.
The acronym VeRo stands for the Verified Rights Owner  Program which is designed to safeguard the intellectual property rights of manufacturers who offer their products to retailers.
The program recognizes and then disallows products or listings that infringe and negate the intellectual property rights of a dropshipper or a registered seller.

Further Details Regarding VeRO Policy

The VeRO is an efficient program that can come into play in the following scenarios:

What is Vero ?

When A Third Party Reports: 

A user or even a buyer who uses eBay can get in touch with a seller and make them aware of the infringement of their intellectual rights by another seller who has either stolen their trademark or is listing the concerned sellers’ products as their own.

When The Owner of The Intellectual Property Reports: 

When a registered seller or dropshipper’s products and listings are used by another party or his brand name and trademark are used by some other party, the owner can file a report of intellectual property infringement using VeRo.
There is a separate page of reporting intellectual property rights that can be made use of in such a scenario.

When eBay’s Policies Are Misunderstood By Sellers: 

When a seller accidentally violates eBay rules and policies, eBay removes its products and listings. In a scenario like this, the seller can report the removal as an error.
Hence, as a dropshipper and a seller, one must be aware of and comprehend the rules and regulations of VeRo clearly.

Examples of VeRo Infringement

Having discussed what is VeRO, here are some real-time examples of what qualifies as an infringement of the VeRO program.

  • When a dropshipper or seller copies the emblem or trademark of another registered seller or dropshipper.
  • In case of unauthorized copying of video, audio, or any other visual media.
  • Unauthorized usage of the intellectual property owners’ images or texts in a products’ description or a listing.

Generally, in such circumstances, eBay will simply remove your product listing and send a report informing the accused of the same.

Why Was VeRo Introduced By eBay?

With an increase in its popularity, eBay registers millions of monthly buyers and sellers.
This grew the potential risks of listing the same products by many sellers and dropshippers.
Also with branding and marketing tools available to all these days, stealing of brand identity in the form of emblems, colors, or the niches the brands dealt with is becoming a common phenomenon.
Hence, to safeguard sellers and to retain the quality of products and services, ebay introduced VeRo aka the Verified Rights Owner Program.

Tools such as KalDrop will help you avoid VeRO infringements regardless of whether you’re using AliExpress dropshipping or DHgate dropshipping.

Final Thoughts

If the buyers and sellers don’t feel safe when interacting via eBay, then a brand like eBay will end up losing clients. VeRo protects both sellers and eBay in upholding their integrity.
Moreover, buyers can be assured of the quality and credibility of the product.