What Are Non-API eBay Listers? API vs Non-API

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Non-API eBay lister refers to software that makes use of a seller’s browser.
It tends to perform most of the tasks that are performed by the seller’s browser.
The best thing about Non-API dropshipping software is that it doesn’t require you to connect your eBay account to the eBay API.
This further means that this dropshipping tool does not require full-fledged access to your eBay account.

Non-API dropshipping software

People who tend to use a Non-API solution receive the potential to get more sales.
It also provides greater stability as compared to the API users.
On the contrary, API monitors use eBay servers and their library which enables them to perform their actions.
This is done with the use of a link that connects your accounts to that software.
Those actions comprise listing items, updating prices, editing listings, and many more.

In the following section, we will be discussing the differences between API and Non-API.

Difference Between API And Non-API

Numerous people often get perplexed about whether they should choose to go with API or Non-API.
The two versions, namely API and Non-API may seem to be identical, but there are some notable differences between them.
When it comes to Non-API, the tracking number gets updated in your dropshipping tool but not on eBay.
While using Non-API, updating the tracking number on eBay needs to be done manually.
The API version, on the other hand, allows you to get automated messages to your customers along with providing customer support.

The Non-API listers now provide you the AutoDS Finder feature.
When you use this feature in the API version, you programmatically go and update prices, upload products, and update tracking numbers through the API connection.
Using Non-API allows you to interact with eBay as a normal human being.
It performs the task in the same way as if you are browsing from a browser.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that an API monitor comes up with a greater probability of flagging your account.
This can lead to a pretty significant drop in your sales.
However, when you use a Non-API eBay lister tool such as KalDrop, it reduces the overall risk that your eBay account could be exposed to.
eBay has laid out restrictions on using API monitors in an attempt to curb the automation of dropshipping processes.
However, this doesn’t mean you’d have to do everything manually.
Non-API eBay Listers are here to save your day!


So whether you should choose to go with API or Non-API depends a lot on your business.
Both of them work perfectly fine.
You just need to use them as per your business requirements.
API solution genes to fully automate your business.
It also helps in scaling towards big profits.
It doesn’t carry any added risk with itself.
However, if you intend to work without an API connection to significantly reduce the chances of getting flagged by eBay, then the Non-API solution can serve you pretty well in that case.