How To Optimize Titles For Your Dropshipping Products

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Ranking high on the search list is one of the necessities for any business to flourish or stay in the market.
E-commerce business owners who usually miss this end up being at the end of the list or, in simpler words, out of business.
In dropshipping, the sellers and buyers are matched according to the searched keyword and the title of the seller’s product, which makes it a necessity to have the right title for your dropshipping products.

For more information about building a free, suitable title, you can read our blogs at but for now, let’s learn in-depth about how we can optimize the product titles.

Optimize Your Title

Ways to Optimize Your Title

1.Optimized Keywords

The first and foremost step while creating the product title is to do thorough SEO research about the trending keywords searched by the buyers for the same product or services offered by you.
Sellers can make use of long-tail keywords instead of the standard keyword as they have less competition and more description regarding the product.
Including optimized keywords will help you get a good rank in the indexes of most used search engines such as Google.

2. The Right length

Search engines are usually designed to display only the first 70 characters on their search result pages. This is where using the right length of the title comes into play.
Business owners should aim at creating an optimized title with not more than 55-60 characters so the audience can get hold of the complete product description in the minimum words required.
Although there is no penalty or repercussions of using a long title, that would indeed affect your readability and the mindfulness of your product’s traffic.

3. Use the Basic Format

Use the standard product title as described or suggested by the dropshipping platform.
They have their SEO team that helps buyers choose the proper outlay for their desired product.
Occasionally, the dropshipping tool you use may also suggest a title for your listings.
Examples of such tools are Zik Analytics and KalDrop.

Zik Analytics
These descriptions help influence the view of shoppers towards the advantage of the sellers.

Below is an outlay provided by Amazon Dropshipping Supplier to the sellers on its platform.

Product Category Product Title Example
Cookware, Cutlery Brand + Line + Size+ Product Type Sabatier Precision 14-Piece Stainless-Steel Knife Block Set
Tableware sets Brand + Pattern + Product Type, Amount Spiegelau Authentis Collection Burgundy Wine Glasses, Set of 6
Television Brand + Model Number + Product Type + (Color/Pack Size) Sharp LC-20E1UB 20-Inch LCD Flat-Panel TV (Black)

Final Thoughts

Online users looking for their desired services usually don’t have a parameter to access or view your products as they are shopping virtually.
The correct name and a bit of add-on, such as photos or visuals of the products, help the shopper get the right product for themselves.
Products enlisted for dropshipping usually find their way to the buyers through online platforms.

Online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc., match their search with your product, which makes it necessary for you to have a suitable title for your product.
For more information on how to dropship, including the tools and suppliers you should be using, head over to Senseidrop now!