How Many eBay Accounts Can I Have?

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The common question people have when they start dropshipping on eBay is how many eBay accounts can I have dropshipping? Today, we will answer this question in the clearest and concise possible manner.

eBay Dropshipping

eBay Policies Restrictions

If you were to ask a dropshipper how many seller accounts you can have on eBay, he will point his index finger to you. He’s correct in his own rights and that’s what eBay’s policies spill out as well.
eBay doesn’t explicitly allow its users to have more than one seller account to save its customers from frauds and scams on the platform.
So you can “officially” have one seller account on eBay. You can, however, open unlimited seller accounts on eBay through what is called eBay Stealth accounts.

Why Do You Need More Than One Seller Account On eBay?

There are a variety of reasons why you need more than one seller account on eBay. You can maximize your profits by targeting different products on different accounts.
You can also bypass the seller limit of eBay.
Seller Limits are the maximum product threshold you can buy or sell.
If you have a new account, your seller’s limits will be even more restricted than older accounts.
Things like seller limits are what keeps you from making more profit from your dropshipping business and they are a significant reason why people want multiple accounts.

How To Open Unlimited eBay Seller Accounts?

We advise you to open only that number of accounts that you can handle.
This is because if you can’t give a personalized experience to your customers on all of your accounts, you will end up with bad ratings, which will eventually mean fewer profits.
Seller accounts are a tricky thing to manage, so you should know what you are getting into.

To open a new eBay seller account, you need three things in hand:

  1. Stealth eBay and Paypal Accounts
  2. Remote Desktop
  3. Virtual Assistant

1. Stealth Accounts

The first thing you need is a stealth eBay and Paypal account.
These accounts should be unique to your original account as even the slightest similarity can lead eBay to ban both your new as well as the old account.

You need four things to open a new stealth account:

  • New Name
  • New Address
  • New Phone Numbers
  • New Payment Information

2. Remote Desktops

Remote desktops are computers present at a remote location i.e. other than the location you’re in which you can operate and use to perform various tasks.
You require remote desktops to escape from eBay’s IP tracking.
The remote computer will be present at a new location and thus have a unique IP address.

3. Virtual Assistants

As your workload will only increase by opening new accounts, you will not be able to do it all independently, and that’s why you need a virtual assistant, which will do that work for you.
You can find one for yourself on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Final Thoughts

Having cleared the air around how many eBay accounts you can open both officially and unofficially, you’re all set to conquer the dropshipping arena.
It’s certainly true that more accounts mean more money but you should also have the requisite skill and time to manage all the accounts.