Dropshipping With KalDrop

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KalDrop is a Non-API-based dropshipping tool that has been designed to make sure that your account is not flagged by eBay. As a result, your listing remains at the top, increasing the odds of a sale.
KalDrop does not use eBay’s server to complete tasks. Instead, it uses your browser to complete them.

As a result, there’s no need to link your eBay dropshipping account to the eBay API.
The main aim behind developing KalDrop is to make sure that dropshippers across the world can achieve financial stability, make trades with just a few clicks, and never be in the fear of suspension or restrictions. 

Dropshipping Features of KalDrop

Dropshipping Features of KalDrop

When it comes to dropshipping on eBay, efficiency is essential. KalDrop comes with many different features that will assist your business in one or another way.
Here is a list of different features you get when using KalDrop. 

List Checker

You must save as much time as possible since time is money.
KalDrop’s one-click lister is the perfect tool for quickly listing all of your products. Unique templates for product descriptions and listing a large number of products with one click are among the software’s appealing features.
Spend the time you would have spent listing on something else that would help your business grow.


You can list any amount of products you desire with ease using an automated approach. You have complete control over the final appearance of your listing.
With the various templates that come with our software, you can change the look and feel of the listing, adjust the content that appears on the listing such as the description and any other content you want to add, and so on.
In the dropshipping business, semi-automated orders are a great way to save time.

Unique Templates

One of the best features of the KalDrop dropshipping tool is that there are many unique templates available. For your product listings, you can choose from a wide range of templates.
KalDrop offers more than 20 eBay listing templates for every holiday including Christmas, Halloween, Memorial Day, and more.
Moreover, you can write product descriptions and display them in appealing styles that efficiently help in growing your sales. Alternatively, you can also use SEO Title Builder for this purpose. 

Unlimited Listings

Another main advantage of KalDrop is that they offer unlimited listings.
There is no limit to how many listings you may upload with KalDrop.
You can upload as many products as you like to your dropshipping account for the same package.

Free First Week

You can use KalDrop for one week to get a feel for what it has to offer.
KalDrop provides a one-week trial period before charging you for it.
If you like the services, you may sign up for one of its premium plans to get a better experience.

Final Thoughts

KalDrop is a must-have for every dropshipper to protect themselves from eBay flagging which reduces the visibility of your listings to customers.
With KalDrop, you can protect your business while also automating the dropshipping process. It will particularly come in handy when you have tons of work to do and you desperately need automation.