DHgate vs AliExpress: A Comprehensive Comparison

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If you’re thinking of either commencing or scaling your dropshipping career, you must have, at some point, stumbled upon the question of which is the best supplier for dropshipping–AliExpress vs DHgate?
Today, we will compare these two across six parameters including price, payment options, delivery.
This will help you make the right decision.

Introduction To Aliexpress

Ali Express

Aliexpress is a Chinese eCommerce giant owned by the Alibaba Group of companies. It is the most popular marketplace in the world when it comes to buying things from China.
AliExpress has been in the market for a long time and it has earned its share of reputation by delivering Chinese products to worldwide buyers–mostly dropshippers.

Introduction To DHgate


DHgate is similar to AliExpress in many aspects.
It provides established companies with a platform that helps them offer their products to small and medium-sized retailers worldwide. It also provides its services to everyday customers.
DHgate has been in the market for quite some time but it gained popularity only recently when the dropshipping arena boomed.
Now it caters to 15 million buyers and 1.7 million sellers from 222 countries around the world.

Comparison #1: Price

AliExpress is a well-known online marketplace with lots of sellers.
This makes them compete against each other, and as a result, we get products at a comparatively lower price.
On the other hand, DHgate has fewer sellers on their website which leaves little to no place for competition and therefore the prices there are slightly higher.

Comparison #2: Minimum Order Quantity

Both platforms offer no minimum order quantity to their customers, which means you can buy as low as a single piece of a product if you want, as you would do on popular marketplaces like Amazon.

Comparison #3: B2B/B2C

AliExpress offers Business to Customer (B2C) service, which means it connects the sellers to potential buyers.
DHgate offers a Business to Business (B2B) service, which means it connects large companies to small or medium-sized retailers.

Comparison #4: Features & User Experience

AliExpress provides you with a better user experience and added features as compared to DHgate.
For example, if you’re searching for a shoe, AliExpress allows you to filter your search results based on your shoe size. This lacks in DHgate.
This makes Aliexpress more user-friendly than DHgate.

Comparison #5: Payment Options

DHgate offers you a wide variety of payment options including all major payment platforms like Visa, Mastercard, and Union Pay.
AliExpress offers a limited number of payment methods compared to DHgate.
AliExpress also restricts the use of any payment method other than AliPay on specific products.

Comparison #6: Shipping

Both AliExpress and DHgate offer both free and paid shipping on all orders.
Free shipping can take up to 4 weeks to arrive.
However, if you opt for paid shipping, your order will arrive within a week.

Final Thoughts

We have shown you a side-by-side comparison of Aliexpress and DHgate.
You can now decide which platform to choose as per your needs.
In our opinion, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just one platform and should try both of them at least once to get a feel of how they work.