Importance of a Lawyer in Israel

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Lawyers are considered as advocates and advisors for a specific country. They work to represent individuals and corporations in civil trials and to promote justice to anyone. They are great in helping to fully understand and process the laws as well as informing the rights of their clients, especially in Israel. As a matter of fact, it is said that Israel has the highest number of Lawyers in the world wherein they’ve created an association that was established in 1961 known as the Israel Bar Association. This association serves as an autonomous statutory entity in order to incorporate the lawyers in Israel and assure the standard and integrity of the legal profession. One of which is עורך דין מאור לוי who is a holder of B.L.B. in Law and already has plenty of experiences in various legal cases.

Lawyer in Israel

Israel is a nation that has less than 9 million residents and has more than 80,000 lawyers. With that being said, Israel is the leading country in the world based on a lawyer per capita ratio in which 1 out of every 130 residents is a lawyer. And since Israel has many great lawyers like Adv. Maor Levi, let us now tackle the reasons on how important Lawyers are in Israel.

Well, every lawyer plays a crucial part in maintaining society’s ethical practices. Imagine a society without a lawyer, it would be extremely difficult to solve different cases every day. In Jewish law, all Israeli lawyers are committed to their profession and oath to help individuals achieve ethical rights and conduct. Thus, they are very enthusiastic about fulfilling all of what they have promised as well as their obligations to their profession.

Jewish law somewhat talks more about the natural law rather than human law. However, the foreign lawyers in Israel, like Americans, could usually create cultural diversity and a language barrier. It would be hard for them to properly discuss their cases since they couldn’t easily understand each other which might result in inevitable complications. That is why Jewish people would rather choose Israeli lawyers than foreign ones to be able to openly communicate with them since proper communication greatly helps to easily explain the progress of the case.

In Middle Eastern places like Israel, it is important to have a lawyer that comes from their own country in order to break both cultural diversity and language barriers. It is important to have an Israeli lawyer for they are the ones who know how to operate and comprehend well the Jewish laws on obligations and aspirations.

Israeli lawyers exist in a secular environment. Their importance has always been a big topic as they serve as guardians of Israeli people and Jewish law which can also help preserve Israel’s ethical conduct. Their fulfillment of being lawyers requires an understanding of how important they are in a specific country or society. They inform and discuss every client with their rights and guide them on how to properly process the law. They maintain the highest standards of Jewish law as well as Israel’s ethical conduct and behaviors that could help navigate the sometimes tricky legal system.